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Engineering Tool Capability

  • Developing the tools we wish we had

  • Developing cost Effective software for engineering

  • Creating collaborative tools that push the capabilities of engineering tools

About PXL Realm

At PXL Realm, our goal is to create the next generation of engineering software tools to support the design, manufacture and in-service support of goods across all industries.

Utilising our engineering experience, tools and leveraging the capabilities of realtime rendering systems from the computer games industry, we are primarily focused on developing new networked 3D engineering tools. 

Our Motivations

PXL Realm was founded for lots of different reasons, all of which lie at the heart of our decision making and drive / guide the direction of the company:

  • Lower barrier to entry of engineering simulation and visualisation.

  • Creating collaborative work environments and tools.

  • Inspire the next generation of engineers.

  • Improve the quality of engineering in-service support and drive innovation.

  • Develop the tool we wished we had as engineers.

  • Help drive forward engineering design and manufacture in the UK.

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