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Our Demonstrator Is Available on any PC (Window x64)

Here's How To Get CSyned

  1. Choose Download above - a ZIP File (called CSyncedInstaller.ZIP) will be in your Download Folder [Note: Size is 644Mb so could take 10-20mins]

  2. Extracting the ZIP File will extract the CSyncedInstaller Folder
  3. Double Click the Windows Installer Package called CSyncedInstaller
  4. The Installer will suggest a location of 

  5.  Double Click 'CSynced Application'
  6. When you enter the Application you will need to register your email 
  7. Then you will Recieve an Email Verification Code and enter this back in the application and create a Password.
  8. Login using your newly created User Name and Password
Application Controls and Functions
Once you've started CSynced and entered the 3D environment, your movement is controlled using a combination of mouse and keyboard.
The controls are explained below:

Asset 1.png
Asset 2.png
Asset 3.png
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